The Bible contains two basic doctrines:
The first is that every person that walked this earth, except one, is/was a sinner. Really, you and I have proved that to ourselves ten thousand times; but often we settle into a defensive imagination that we’re not as bad as what’s-his-name over there. The Law of the Bible yanks us back to knowing just how hopelessly you and I have gone astray. It sort-of throws us down to the ground where we await our punishment.
That’s when the Good News lifts believers up, delivering the sweet forgiveness of God, so we can live at peace with both God and our neighbors. The Good News is that God loves us so much that He heaped the punishment that we deserved on His Son Jesus when Jesus walked this earth and suffered and died in our places on the cross. Now, trusting in Him, and confessing our sins, Jesus forgives us.
Read the book of John to get the whole story on this. Then you will see that the Holy Bible is the book about God’s love and that He calls us to a life-long relationship where we live every moment in the joy of having Him close as our skin, beginning in His washing, called Baptism. From then on, reading God’s Word refreshes and feeds us, redirects and guides us, that we daily walk in spiritual life and joy.
Again- pick up John’s Gospel (Good news) and start there. God bless you as you read!
Oh, yeah! The one who never sinned (in the second line of the top paragraph above?) Jesus, Son of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

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