Welcome to the online home of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church in Johnstown, PA. Our new site is currently under construction. Check back often for updates.

With the apostle Paul, we say, “I resolved to know nothing… except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”

Celebrate! God has given His Son Jesus as a ransom for sinners, It is Him we celebrate all these years later. For we daily receive the benefits of His mercy on all who repent and call on Him. We worship and live in the light of Jesus’ crucified, risen from the dead, and bodily ascended into heaven. And He has not left us orphaned. He has sent His Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you and me. Join us as we celebrate the most earth-shaking events in all history!

While our pastors preach the Law, the Gospel of forgiveness is the last Word. We are liturgical, but not dogmatic about the forms of worship. Teaching from the Bible the timeless good news of the Grace of God who sent Jesus to be crucified in the place of sinners like you and me, Holy Cross Lutheran Church still serves this community after 110+ years.

Holy Cross has been served by many faithful pastors through the years, each speaking from God’s Word, not from the pastor’s own inventions, nor applying man’s logic or social agenda to spiritual truth. We invite you to join our community for worship and fellowship this week.